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Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna & Michele Pedersen

Welcome. In this first-ever Conscious Feminine Revolution podcast, Leonor and Michele take a deep dive into the exploration of what is this next evolution in human consciousness… that will ultimately bring us the medicine that we are needing, at this time of crisis. What is the Feminine… What is the Feminine principal… and the Feminine era? Let’s talk about the hidden and not so hidden agendas… the mindset… the spell within the spell… that we are… and have been living in, so that we may awaken to the reality of what and who we are! This is the Conscious Feminine Revolution and they are here to talk about it… unveil the hidden secrets, and speak to those things that are usually not talked about, in a way that is digestible and practical to our everyday existence. Understanding the subtle ground between mysticism and realism, between conceptualization to embodiment, and everything in between. It is an attempt to unravel the concepts, wounds and memories that we have inherited and believed as ‘truth’ and to uncover that which is true within our own being, in the cross roads of psychology, spirituality, mysticism, astrology, health and wellness, esoteric and metaphysical understandings and ancient wisdom of the Great Mother. And moreover, in order to assist in the process from conceptual to embodied experience… which is the ‘feminine way’, Leonor and Michele have included a few minutes of an “embodied somatic meditation” at the end of each episode, so you can feel the transmission deep in your bodies. Conscious Feminine Revolution podcast is an invitation to explore this next evolution of human consciousness, and awaken together, personally and collectively, into the Feminine paradigm.

~the next evolution in human consciousness

~the next evolution in human consciousness